3.How can I engage people in my project?

Welcome to Master Water Stewards Forums 5. Community Engagement 3.How can I engage people in my project?

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    Peggy Knapp

    Here’s how this works- There is a topic for each Learning Activity in the course. To post YOUR contribution, go to the topic for a specific Learning Activity and hit “Reply.”

    Don’t start a new topic. Go to the topic that is posted for that activity and hit “Reply.”

    To post your thoughts on “Who is already involved in water protection in your community?”, hit “Reply” to this posting and submit your response.

    – Write down 3 goals for your 1-1 meetings.

    After your conversation-

    Debrief your conversation
    Post a reflection in the forum for this topic and this Learning Activity in the forum. Your reflection should address some of the following questions. (Choose one or two. Don’t try to address all of these.)

    – How did you decide who to ask to participate in the one-on-one conversation?
    – What was your approach?
    – How did your meeting go? What was easy/difficult?
    – What do you think motivated them to meet with you?
    – Did you talk about water? If so, what about the topic of water was interesting to your conversation partner?
    – Did you find common interests? What were they, and how did you discover them?
    – Did you ask them to help with something? Why did you select that “ask?”
    – Will you meet or talk to this person again? Why or why not?
    – What advice do you have for others?
    – How might you adapt your approach for a different audience?

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