2. What is Community Engagement?

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    Peggy Knapp

    Here’s how this works- There is a topic for each Learning Activity in the course. To post YOUR contribution, go to the topic for a specific Learning Activity and hit “Reply.”

    Don’t start a new topic. Just hit “Reply.”

    To post your thoughts on What is Community Engagement, hit “Reply” to this posting and submit your response.

    In Week One of this class-
    – What is community engagement? 1-3 words
    – Who is already involved in water protection in your community?
    • Side Bar: How are they engaged?
    – Who else should be involved? Who is missing?

    In Week Two of the class-
    – What words stand out? What themes or connections do you see?
    – Who is not engaged and why not?
    – What specific actions can people take to protect water?
    – Actions and barriers to action.

    – What specific actions should/can people take to protect water?


    Building permanent relationships (3 words per instructions)

    Peggy Knapp

    Those are three very fine words. I especially like “permanent” as a way of thinking about engaging communities. Too often we look for numbers of people attending a one-day event as engagement. I think it is better to have 10 people show up more than once than to have 50 people show up once.


    building sustainable connections


    Listening to what people are interested in doing not just letting them know what you think is important. Getting people who want to be engaged involved.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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