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    Peggy Knapp

    IN this forum, write a short paragraph suggesting one thing you and your neighbors could do to reduce the impact of development in your neighborhood on local water bodies. Take into consideration where you live, how much impervious surface there is, what your neighbors do with their property. Keep it simple.

    Do that by posting a reply below. Remember to hit “Submit” before closing this window.


    This is something that has already happened. Several years ago the Lynhurst Neighborhood Association worked with the MPRB on providing input for proposed development of the green space along Minnehaha Creek from Humboldt to Penn Ave. There were many options to explore to encourage greater use the green space along the creek for bicyclist, families, picnics etc. Residents had many avenues topers their opinion. After exploring all the options, the majority of people felt that adding nothing to what is already there was the best option. Basically it was a “leave it alone” vote.

    Peggy Knapp

    That seems curious to me. The neighborhood voted NOT to add amenities? Or did I misunderstand your posting.?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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