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    Peggy Knapp

    Use this forum to continue to develop your outreach campaign. Using the ideas you generated in the previous learning activity, put some details into your plan:

    In this discussion forum,

    1)Design your own behavior change campaign based on the steps from community-based social marketing.
    a. Identify the behavior.

    b. Identify barriers and benefits to the behavior. (You won’t be able to conduct a
    survey/focus group as outlined in the article. Brainstorm what you think are barriers/benefits based on what you’ve learned so far and conversations you’ve had with neighbors. Ask others in the course what they think the perceived barriers/benefits are.)

    c. Use tools from the list (and your own imagination) to address barriers and emphasize
    benefits to promote behavior change.

    2) Provide feedback to two others about their behavior change campaigns. Suggest revisions to make it more effective.

    The instructor or course facilitator will also offer you feedback and suggestions on how to make your campaign more effective

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