Low Salt No Salt

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Join fellow Water Stewards for this in-person workshop to learn about the Low Salt, No Salt Minnesota program and the many tools it provides for engaging your community around chlorides. Hear from a panel of folks who've been using the tools then discuss ways you can join the effort. This event is free, but please register below!

Tuesday, March 19, 2024
6:00-7:00 pm
Freshwater Office
2550 University Ave W Suite 150 S
Light snacks provided.

Low Salt No Salt Program Overview: The leading source of chloride pollution is from deicing chemicals (salts) used for winter maintenance. Chloride damages property and the environment, harms aquatic species, and impacts drinking water quality.  About 50 waterbodies in Minnesota already have dangerous chloride levels, and another 75 waterbodies are close to the danger zone. 

To help address this issue, the Hennepin County Chloride Initiative created Low Salt, No Salt Minnesota, an innovative new program that builds community capacity to maintain winter safety while reducing chloride-based deicer use and its associated damages through relationships with local properties managed by resident boards.

Low Salt, No Salt Minnesota is a research-based program created and tested by professionals from cities and watershed organizations in Hennepin County for implementation by local government units in their communities to build on relationships and ongoing opportunities to provide continued program support. Come learn about this mega-resource where you will find customizable tools for your local salty situation.