Q & A with Sheila Goeken, Master Water Steward in training

Begin by sharing a story about water that is important to your life.

I grew up in South Dakota near the Missouri River. In my youth, I swam near Gavin’s Point Dam, Yankton, SD and fished the James River near Olivet, SD.

What attracted you to the Master Water Stewards program?

I am interested in photographing Minnehaha Creek, so this program offered me an opportunity to learn about the creek in more depth.

What were you doing in your daily life to conserve or protect water resources prior to entering the Master Water Steward program?

I set up a rain barrel and a composting site at my home a couple of years ago.

What kind of impact do you hope to make as a Water Steward?

After only a few weeks into the program, I feel that I have learned so much about the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District. I hope to share this information with others and will continue to look for ways to conserve our water resources, both personally and through community projects.

How do you think people in your neighborhood will respond to working with a Water Steward?

I think people will participate more as they learn about their own impact on water quality and our water resources.

What is one thing you have you learned in the classes you have taken so far that has surprised you?

There is a large water receptacle underneath the warning track at the new Twins stadium. It is part of a water recycling system that reduces the need for municipal water at Target Field by over 50 percent.

What should other people know about the program?

What would you want to tell people about the Water Stewards program? This is an excellent program, taught by local experts, for learning about our water resources and how runoff from the land around our lakes and rivers affects water quality. The information is applicable not just to Minnehaha Creek, but to any watershed area.